Wednesday, July 15, 2009

the beach

the prize location of the ranch would have to be the beach. during all seasons it is pretty much the perfect place to be. summer gives up the quintessential beach experience with swimming, hot sun and cold drinks chilling in the spring.

just watch out for the tubers. they like beer.

fall is another great time to experience the beach as it is a prime starting point for a driftboat fishing trip to willow creek. the river above the ranch is another fun run with a bit more whitewater to contend with. from the boat there is good fishing in the home pool. i have caught fall steelhead and coho salmon from this spot.

winter is the quiet time on the beach. there is fishing to do at this time as well. when the river is high enough to almost cover the beach the steelhead and sea run brown trout like to come right in close to the shore and fishing can be good casting right from the sand.

spring is the time of the high and swift snowmelt water. the beach is underwater a good part of the spring. during periods of high water the upper sand flat comes into play. during periods of high flow our white water jet boat also comes into PLAY! the run from the ranch to grays falls is a real adrenaline soaker.

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