Thursday, July 23, 2009

sharber creek

although sharber creek is not on the property it is very close and a sister stream to quimby creek. the biggest difference between the two is that sharber has a slow meandering lower section that is prime habitat for endangered coho salmon. they are a real treat to watch in the fall when they return to spawn.

like quimby creek, the upper sections of sharber creek are very steep and have some dramatic waterfalls that you will not find on any map. this is very remote country where mountain lions far out number human visitors.

these streams can get quite high in the wintertime and are really more like small rivers when they are at full flow. in 2005 they reached flood height and sharber blew out our road. we had to hike about a mile through the woods for a few days to get to our cabin. when the the water went down we realized it had taken a good bit of the road with it.

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