Tuesday, July 14, 2009

far field

the far field is also the "wild" field. this is where most of our bear sightings occur. much of this field has been overtaken by himalayan blackberries which attract the bears in august when they fruit. they also provide cover for many other creatures.the far field also has a small pond which is attractive to all manner of wildlife. there is a major spring that bubbles up from the bottom of an old lake bed or mine pit. the "bear hole" as it is called is full of old fig, apple and plum trees. water + fruit = fat and happy bears! the original homestead was in this field as the mining claim map from the mid 1800's shows. chimariko indians also had village sites in this valley but the only artifacts we have found have come from the current homestead site.

the wild side

the swamp pond

another angle on the pond

piles are ready to burn


mysterious mists

red bud alley at the upper end of the far field

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